\ Make your construction site safer with wireless forms
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Make your construction site safer with wireless forms

By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly

The biggest contributing factor for on-the-job accidents is communication breakdown.

When you have multiple crew members on a job site and heavy equipment or operations that requires precision and attention, you cannot afford to misunderstand instructions, signals or warnings. When this happens, risk increases, along with waste due to duplication of effort which causes deadlines to drift. Not surprisingly, communication breakdowns bring productivity levels down.

Before headsets were common on construction sites, most crews used hand signals or shouting to communicate with each other. Now we have headsets and wireless technology. Wireless forms are greatly aiding safety on construction sites all across the U.S., allowing workers, particularly safety inspectors, to make sense of complex information in real time and communicate it to others on site and to third parties in remote locales. More importantly, different kinds of wireless forms allow users to quantify and organize manpower, equipment and scheduling construction sites are bustling places with vehicles of all sizes coming and going.

Experts say Wi-Fi can help save lives in some of the most dangerous work sites, but to implement a fully functional network, multiple sensors are required for any business directly involved in the construction industry. Efficiently mobilizing the personnel and technology required to improve wireless service also requires tapping into a good cellular, broadband, and data usage providers. However, doing so will maximize cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality, safety, or service.

Construction businesses face unique challenges that a regular wireless system can't solve. In addition to employing the best devices on the fastest network with a sound data plan, you need integrated solutions so pertinent information is connected to the office and job sites. This will provide your remote workforce tools to do their jobs faster, better and more efficiently.

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