Overcoming Personal Demise through the eyes of Dimas Cintron

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2020 / Children are never predestined to outlive their parents. It is never in the system of how the world works nor in how life’s sequence unfolds. That is why the world came crashing down for dedicated father Dimas Cintron when he lost his seven-year-old son to brain cancer in 2016. As he now finds his journey to healing, let us learn and be inspired by how he restarted his life after it turned 180 degrees around.

Born in 1983 with Hispanic Origin, Dimas Cintron is a family-man committed to taking care of his child. However, his love for family was tortuously tested when his little angel, Dimas Armani Cintron, succumbed to brain cancer. A personal tragedy unraveled before his own life, and Cintron faced his worst nightmare, one that no parent ever wants to meet. Losing a child is close to losing one’s purpose in life. Initially, this experience happened to Cintron. But, what proved to be one of the darkest junctures in his life also transformed to be his most inspirational moment.

With Cintron’s “never give up” attitude and the outpouring of support from family and friends alike, he was able to draw inspiration and extreme determination from this tragedy eventually. Young Dimas was a true warrior, and his memory will always live on in the hearts of many. Like his father, Cintron used the realizations he got from the painful experience and engaged in various efforts to raise awareness that people similarly situated are going through a lot, and they need emotional help. Cintron wanted to cherish his son’s memory and by making him a shining symbol of hope and love for his family and the entire community.

First, he founded a non-profit foundation in memory of Dimas Armani Cintron. It is an intimate community organization catering to those who need to call someone to talk to or for parents like him who have suffered from a loss to whom he can share his experience. Cintron is very hands-on in this initiative and tries to only work with at least ten families throughout the year to make it easier to manage. He focused on building relationships with these families by lending an ear for them. He tries to help raise awareness through their shared experience. Ultimately, Cintron wanted to help them ease the burden by sharing their stories. Dimas is hopeful that these efforts bring light to their dark situations.

In addition to the emotional aid he shares, Cintron also gives them a little package that helps the families spread awareness on his advocacy, such as wrist bands, bags, and a letter of encouragement. At times he also tries to give them a little financial aid depending on what the family needs most. Cintron is happy to share that in his founded organization, everyone has put their differences aside to come together. There is an instance he shared when two separate families took place the roles of mom or stepmom, dad or stepdad.

The difference between Cintron and everyone else is he wants to let people know that we should live and not just exist. He is now a living model of this philosophy by just being there for one another through his special and unique foundation. Aside from this project, he also makes music — something he has never have done in his life until his experience of hardship. Cintron released one of his newest single, “Get Up,” which speaks from the heart and provides a message of great positivity and perseverance.

He wants this song to reach out to people who need motivation, and especially those who deal with grieving. Simply because we freeze, we tend to put our lives on hold, but while we do that, we lose time. While it could be a challenge to get back on our feet, there will come the day when we will wake up to set things right eventually.

Cintron is also engaged in coaching kids. He does this to keep his memory alive by sharing young Dimas’ story of courage and hope as he battled cancer. He mentors kids for a private school to commemorate his love for his son. He fondly recalled how he took a fantastic group of children from the school to participate in a conference for the first time. Sadly, they lost in the championship, but he was glad to be of help to the kids.

Cintron even found himself acting doing other good things, like a two-second appearance on HBO Ballers as an extra, or playing ball. After the demise of his son at a young age, he realized he needed to change directions as it is no longer about him. From then on, Cintron wanted his son’s story to inspire. Occasionally, he writes letters to families who lost their child just like he did a year ago. With all these present initiatives he is engaged, he is set on the goal to raise awareness of what people go through. These projects are his way of keeping his son’s memory alive.

Until now, Cintron keeps himself busy doing the good stuff in his community as fueled by his love for his lost son. Listen to his song “Get Up” now available on YouTube to get a glimpse of Cintron’s charity works. You can also reach Cintron through his Facebook, e-mail at info@dimasjr.org, or at 321-443-6990.

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