Buy CBD Legally in Germany: BfArM Confirms CBD-Shop Inquiry

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2019 / In what appears like a specialized crackdown targeting CBD shops within many parts of Germany since the beginning of the year, lots of shops selling the legal Cannabis extract CBD (Cannabidiol) have been raided down by government agents, not cracking them down, but obscurely just confiscating CBD Oils and T-shirts made out of hemp. Given the posture of the government bodies in Europe to cannabis extracts, with making it legal to sell on the condition that certain criteria are met, law makers themselves seem confused on the legal status of the product.

While these seizures have thrown many into confusion, many other shops continue to spring up in different parts of Europe. This is a clear indication that the CBD industry is ushering in a lucrative economy for businesses willing to play within the definitions of the law.

As a leader in the distribution and sales of CBD products in Germany and within Europe itself, the CBD Onlineshop, took the question to Germany’s legal regulating body for medical products in the country known as BfArM. The founder of the company, C. Badde, said: “We wanted to get clarification from the government on the legal status of CBD in Germany. Getting a statement from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices will help shop owners and distributors of CBD products in Germany understand what the law says about their business practice.”

In a detailed response to’s inquiry, the BfArM clarified what conditions must be met before a CBD product is allowed to be legally distributed in Germany. The statement included the BfR guideline values on the extraction of legal CBD products, including how to source the right materials.

Below, an extract of the response from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices shares the terms and guideline values that make a CBD product like a CBD-Oil eligible to be distributed legally to the consumer within Germany:

“With the Act on the Amendment of Narcotic Law and Other Regulations, which came into effect on 10.03.2017, the legislator changed the position of cannabis in Annexes I to III to section 1 Paragraph 1 of the Narcotic Law (BtMG) in Germany. Since then, the Narcotics Act has distinguished between cannabis in Annex III (use for medical purposes) and cannabis in Annex I (use for non-medical purposes). Annex I also provides for exemptions for hemp (see letters b and d under the heading cannabis).

According to letter b under the position Cannabis in Annex I to § 1 paragraph 1 BtMG, plants and plant parts of plants belonging to the genus Cannabis are excluded from the narcotic regulations if they originate from cultivation in countries of the European Union with certified seeds ( industrial hemp) or their content of THC does not exceed 0.2 % and the trade with them (except cultivation) serves exclusively commercial or scientific purposes which exclude a possibility for abuse for intoxication purposes.

This derogation shall also apply to preparations of the plants or parts of plants if they comply with the above conditions.

The cannabis extracts requested, such as CBD-Oil or CBD isolate (editor’s note) may – from a narcotics legislation standpoint – only be handed over to the end-consumer if the extracts are exclusively extracted from a EU variety of industrial hemp or has less than

To read the rest of the statement, head over to where a full copy of the response is published.


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