Three Years of Development: The Growth of Lockin – Global Career Development Platform for Young Talents

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2019 / A few days ago, Lockin China, a global career development platform for young talents, launched a press conference. Lockin has made a massive transformation over the past three years, emerging from a small specific market of Chinese overseas students to setting off for the vast high sea of the world human resource market. At the very beginning of the company’s development, it only served hundreds of thousands of Chinese students studying abroad, helping them find jobs back home. However, it has now become a transnational job recruitment platform, accumulating a large volume of student data from thousands of universities worldwide and connecting them with companies from all over the world.

Lockin’s development. The first step to be – targeting Chinese returnees students, assisting them with finding jobs in China (the annual average number of Chinese student returnees is between 400,000 to 500,000, this group of students is increasing significantly).

Second step – by solving the employment problems of Chinese overseas students, integrating talent data of thousands of universities in the world, becoming a partner with global universities, providing an exclusive entrance for the overseas student (the total number of Chinese students studying abroad is between 4 million to 5 million).

The final step, through the integration of students’ data, it helped them match jobs on a global scale (not only Chinese overseas students but also students from universities all over the world including alumni and will be matched with jobs worldwide).

Reports have shown, from 2015, Lockin has developed rapidly—the number of active users has increased tenfold as it took each step forward. As the search engine industry, job recruitment is a mature market. A company would not win a head-to-head competition with the industry giants. It should approach the market from a different angle, providing various services, absorbing all the resources and becoming a new platform. Online job recruitment is only a branch of the traditional job recruitment industry, subject to the monopoly of the industry giants. However, Lockin jumps out of the monopoly game, survives and thrives.

Looking back at the development of Lockin, Lockin was initially used as a recruitment platform for Chinese students wanting to return to China to find jobs. Provide jobs extremely accurate to 400,000 to 500,000 returnees every year. This has become the starting point for Lockin to integrate resources of global universities.

From 2000, China has become the country that sends the most students overseas. Majority of world-leading universities have been facing difficulties to help Chinese students find jobs back home. Finally, they discovered Lockin, which specifically solves the employment problem of Chinese students.

Many universities’ career service centre has invited Lockin to run on-campus recruitment events and workshops, as well as connecting Lockin’s website to their career services webpage.

This includes the majority of world top 100 universities, e.g. Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College London, Boston University, University of Manchester, University of Chicago, University of Edinburgh, University of Sydney and University of Adelaide etc. Meanwhile, Lockin has established a Global University China Career Union (GUCCU), with more than 200 university career service centres registered.

By launching the “80 Days Event for Global Young Talents”, Lockin has managed to integrate resources from world leading universities. In 2018, Lockin have held series of events in 110+ cities worldwide and brought a number of Chinese employers to students on-campus, including Baidu, Didi, OPPO, NIO etc.

Through the years of negotiation and integration, Lockin has earned the trust of world leading universities. It is true that higher institutes overseas have their own talents database. They are now sharing their talents resources with Lockin and connecting their database portal with the company’s platform.

Now, Lockin has built the most extensive database of university talents—the Global Talent Map Database (GTMD) and made it a job recruitment platform bridging the world talents and enterprises. It will serve not only Chinese overseas students, but also international and local students from India, Japan, US, France, Korea and many other countries to help them apply for jobs.

In a globalised world, companies are now hunting talents on a global scale. However, no matter in Chinese or overseas market, there is no platform for recruiting global talents online. There is also a massive cost for world companies to build recruitment teams and manage recruitment projects for overseas talents and many employers are facing a narrow range of choices. The emergence of Lockin has succeeded in solving the problem and achieved an integration of the global talents data.

Today, the traditional recruitment giants in the market are now approaching to cooperate with Lockin to access Lockin’s global student data and overseas university talent data, because they found that Lockin has comprehensive overseas talent data.

It has been few months since the launch of GTMD. Up to now, the monthly cash income of the product hits more than 1 million CNY. Given to this trend, according to Crystal, it is expected that the company would have a total revenue of 50 million CNY next year. Apart from the Chinese version of Lockin—Lockin China, the company will launch an international version —LockinU, targeting global companies and global graduates. LockinU app will also be published. Based on the global talents data, the competence of job applicants will be evaluated after they fill in their CVs; suitable jobs and companies will be selected and delivered to candidates, reducing the mismatch between them significantly.

In May 2018, Lockin received a multi-million-dollar, A round of investment from Wuyue Capital, with Banghua Finance as an investment advisor. This round of financing is used to further expanding the channels with overseas universities, opening up overseas user markets, and at the same time building up the R&D team and improving its capabilities.

SOURCE: Lockin China

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