The Next Generation of EMS Leaders: Fallon Ambulance/Transformative Healthcare Launch “EMS Leadership Academy”

QUINCY, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fallon Ambulance Service and its parent company, Transformative
Healthcare, have launched an innovative new 14-week “Emergency Medical
Services Leadership Academy” designed to support emergency medical
technicians (EMTs), paramedics, and their supervisors in becoming the
region’s and nation’s next generation of EMS leaders.

Featuring presentations and workshops led from several nationally
recognized EMS experts, the Academy provides a comprehensive, systematic
overview of today’s best patient-care practices, EMS operational and
management strategies, and emerging technologies for everything from
ambulance dispatch and staff scheduling to mobile health telematics. A
total of eight Fallon staff and students from Northeastern University’s
Bouve College of Health Sciences recently commissioned as EMTs are
participating in the academy, which began Feb. 7 and includes 4 hours of
of classroom learning each week through May.

Transformative Healthcare CEO Sean Tyler said: “Fallon and
Transformative recognize that the development of the next generation of
leaders and innovators in EMS won’t just happen on its own–we must take
action now. From AI-optimized and telematics-enhanced medical
transportation to integrated mobile health and more, EMS will play an
increasingly important role in successful, cost-effective healthcare
delivery for decades to come. We’ve been honored to secure the
participation of many industry leaders to launch this Academy to
transform EMS.”

Some of the national experts joining Fallon executives to present and
conduct workshops at the EMS Leadership Academy between now and May

  • David Schoenfeld, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School
    and professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard T. H.
    Chan School of Public Health, a board-certified emergency medical
    physician and nationally recognized leader in statistical EMS research.
  • Jonathan D. Washko, an MBA and Director at Large of the 50,000-member
    National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and author of
    the recently published JEMS article,
  • Scott A. Moore, an attorney, principal advisor at EMS Resources LLC,
    and former CEO of Armstrong Ambulance, who has served the emergency
    medical services field for over 26 years. Moore also serves as a Site
    Reviewer for the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulances
    , based in Glenview, Ill.
  • Tactical EMS experts from The 9 Line Company in Woburn, Mass.,
    which offers training programs nationwide in unified command and
    medical training for tactical emergency medical care during
    active-shooter and similar scenarios, assisting municipal governments
    to comply with the new National Fire Protection Association Standard
    3000 requiring training for all first responders in Rescue Task Force

Topics being covered through the rest of the semester at the Academy
include Organizational Behavior and Management in EMS; Clinical Pathways
and Advancement in Healthcare through EMS, Understanding Healthcare
Finance; How EMS Research is Reshaping Today’s Industry; Debrief
Education and Simulation as EMS Innovation; Emergency Management and
Preparedness; Mobile Integrated Health; and Next Generation EMS.

Already, students have strong praise for how the Academy has helped them
grow as leaders in the field. “The program is an exceptional opportunity
to learn about the administrative and operational aspect of private
EMS,’’ said Fallon Ambulance Service paramedic Aaron Goldman-Henley.
“The ability to participate in high level discussions about management
is a unique opportunity that will engage and help develop the next
generation of EMS leadership.”

In anonymous evaluations of the academy, one Northeastern student told
Fallon: “Learning about the connections between EMS and patient care
overall will help me long-term while I am considering becoming a
physician.” Another said: “It’s a great opportunity to see first-hand
what the delivery of healthcare is all about and has encouraged me that
I am on the right path in deciding to go into medicine.”

About Transformative Healthcare

Transformative Healthcare is
committed to delivering cost efficient, high quality patient outcomes by
innovating how both patients and data move through the healthcare
system. Transformative creates customized partnerships with healthcare
providers that combine innovative patient logistics services and
intelligent data analytics into programs that improve patient experience
and outcomes while reducing the overall cost of healthcare.
Transformative is the number one medical transportation provider in the
Massachusetts/New Hampshire market, measured by patients served.
Headquartered in Wellesley, Mass., Transformative’s three operating
subsidiaries are: Fallon Ambulance Service, which has served Eastern
Massachusetts from its 10 locations for 95 years; LifeLine Ambulance
Service, operating from 12 locations across New Hampshire and Eastern
Massachusetts; and Stewart’s Ambulance Service, which has served New
Hampshire’s Lakes Region from its 3 locations for over 35 years.


Peter Howe and Nicole Clifford

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