Roccor Contracts with PlanetiQ for New Solar Array

Roccor’s Technology to help Provide for a New Class of Weather
Data Forecasting

a disruptive military and aerospace component supplier in the rapidly
growing small satellite market, is proud to announce its new customer,
PlanetiQ. Roccor and PlanetiQ signed a contract for multiple deployable
solar arrays late last year. PlanetiQ’s
spacecraft constellation gathers near real-time, high-quality weather,
climate, and space weather data.

The contract is for the provision of 130W solar arrays for their
spacecraft in a constellation that will provide a new class of weather
data forecasting information.

This is Roccor’s second flight contract for solar arrays in the last six
months. In the third quarter of 2018, Roccor received an award for a
system that will provide more than 2kW for an ESPA class spacecraft for
an unnamed U.S. government customer.

Roccor is rapidly emerging as a low-cost alternative for highly
volumetrically efficient solar array systems, particularly in the small
satellite class where a new generation of payloads and electric
propulsion systems are driving challenging power demands.

“It is fantastic to be working with PlanetiQ to improve weather
forecasting that will improve the lives of so many across the world,”
said Chris Pearson, Roccor’s CEO. “Innovative approaches to power
generation, storage, and management will be key to small satellite
exploitation and we are proud to be a part of that.”

Chris McCormick, chairman of PlanetiQ, added that, “We are very pleased
to add Roccor to our spacecraft component supplier base, as they bring
talents and components we lacked, and their space-based expertise on
deployable structures and solar arrays have helped us immensely.”

About Roccor: Roccor was founded in 2012 and is based in
Longmont, Colorado. It is a fast-growing, vibrant, high technology
supplier into the aerospace and terrestrial military markets. Roccor’s
novel designs address cost and performance limitations to revolutionize
spaceflight and military operations. The company has contracts with
NASA, the U.S. military, and commercial space companies all around the
world and already has several deployable systems on orbit as of late
2018 and with numerous additional systems delivered and planned for
launch in early- to mid-2019.

About PlanetiQ: Founded by space mission experts and located in
Golden, Colorado, PlanetiQ was formed to build, launch, and operate an
operational constellation of the highest quality GNSS-RO weather
satellites. PlanetiQ’s data and services are valuable to a diverse range
of commercial and government customers worldwide in areas including
weather forecasting, aviation, shipping, wind and solar energy, defense,
intelligence, agriculture, commodities, and insurance markets.


for Roccor
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