DataStax Helps Power Cisco’s Always-On Commerce Renewals Platform

the leading provider of the always-on, active everywhere distributed
hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™, today announced Cisco
Systems is using DataStax
to power the new Cisco Commerce Renewals platform, a
faster and more intuitive ecommerce website that enables distributors,
partners, resellers, and direct customers to quote, order, and manage
service contracts and software subscriptions.

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ecommerce application with zero downtime

Cisco’s previous renewals platform, written years ago in Java with a
relational database management system (RDBMS) backend, suffered from
frequent and lengthy downtime and required significant person-hours for
quarterly updates. Cisco needed a cloud-native compatible platform and a
highly reliable database that was easy to migrate to, delivered fast
searches, and supported an active-active data center model.

With DataStax, Cisco’s Commerce Renewals platform is an extremely fast,
always-on application that has experienced zero downtime over more than
two years. DataStax has also eliminated the need for the
resource-intensive quarterly updates, saving hundreds of person-hours a
year. Approximately one million quotes are created in the new system
each quarter, with high-dollar revenue running through it during the
same period.

“The reliability of DataStax as part of our cloud technology stack has
completely eliminated database downtime and has contributed
significantly to one of Cisco’s key revenue engines being always up and
working. This gives our partners and customers an enhanced experience,”
said Charulata Sharma, Senior Engineer at Cisco Systems. “Everything is
run in a zero-downtime fashion.”

Cisco selected DataStax as a part of its journey toward a modern cloud
environment, which required a technology stack overhaul. The company
wanted to move away from relational databases, which proved difficult to
use in a cloud environment across multiple data centers. With this in
mind, Cisco chose DataStax, the always-on, scalable data platform built
on Apache Cassandra, as its transactional database, because of its speed
and simplicity. (DataStax Enterprise 6 delivers three times the
throughput with up to ten times reduction in latency as compared to
Apache Cassandra, according to a 2018
performance benchmark
commissioned by DataStax.)

“Our tech stack has to be agile and flexible enough to move clouds at a
moment’s notice. We have to design it to allow that to happen tomorrow
if we need to,” concluded Sharma.

Today, all details related to customer renewal quotes and orders are
stored in DataStax Enterprise. The new technology stack also includes
DataStax OpsCenter for visual management and monitoring of DataStax,
Apache Spark™ for analytics, Elasticsearch for search, and Apache Kafka®
for data streaming. In the future, the new technology stack will play a
critical role in enabling Cisco to manage a new recurring revenue model.

“Cisco Commerce Renewals platform is the perfect example of the power of
DataStax to easily integrate with other foundational cloud technologies
that are also helping to create the enterprise of the future,” said
Steve Rowland, EVP and President at DataStax. “Our always-on,
active-everywhere database creates a highly reliable, extremely fast
data solution that takes full advantage of hybrid and multi-cloud
environments to help our customers deliver on their most complex digital
transformation and customer experience initiatives.”

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